My approach and way of working
Two chairs: working together
I work from a psychodynamic base, which means that I would work with you to uncover the way your experiences, from childhood onwards, have impacted on the way you have managed your life so far.

I work this way because I believe it is an approach that can be very effective in improving your personal health, both mental and physical.

Not only do I believe this deeply, but have observed its effectiveness over many years of experience.
There is no quick fix However, psychodynamic therapy is not a quick fix solution - I don't believe there are short cuts in dealing with long term problems - but is a longer process, which aims for deep-seated and lasting change, leading to the ability to manage life more effectively.
The role of relationships An important part of the therapy will be the relationship with your therapist. Through this relationship you will learn about your unique inner world, the part of you that influences all your relationships, both past and present. You may be wondering about embarking on a journey with a therapist because you feel depressed, unhappy, feel at odds with the world, and believe your symptoms are nothing to do with relationships, but, if you think about it, these symptoms all impact on your contact with others, as do even physical symptoms such as IBS, back pain and headaches. Indeed these latter symptoms can sometimes have a psychological component. This relationship is key, because the thoroughness of the psychodynamic approach means that, as the sessions progress, you will become aware of mixed feelings towards him/her, negative as well as positive feelings. These feelings are part of all relationships, though sometimes we find it painful to be aware of this, and it is vital that they are acknowledged and worked through. This is when the going gets tough and some of the most significant work is done.
“Emotion is a spectrum. If you want to be in the pink, you must also sometimes feel the blues.“
Don't rush choosing who to work with Thus, choosing the right therapist is important, and you need to take some time deciding who to work with. After an initial session, you may feel that you have met someone with whom you can work, or you may prefer to have an initial session with several therapists before making up your mind. I do always suggest that clients give themselves some time to absorb the experience of our meeting before deciding to continue.
Regular weekly sessions I usually work with at least one session a week, which will be on the same day and at the same time, as far as possible. Sometimes, other important engagements can make this difficult and so I do try to provide some flexibility. Sessions, apart from the first, which may be a little longer, will last for 50 minutes.
Woodland Path Thus, the journey of therapy is not an easy option, but It can change your life in subtle ways as the work progresses, enabling you to reach a conclusion at a time when you feel yourself to be a more contented individual.