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Something has prompted you to investigate the possibility of embarking on some counselling sessions. You may be depressed, anxious, sad, stressed, confused, unhappy, feeling your life is unsatisfactory, your relationships are unsatisfactory; clearly something is troubling you.

It's worth the effort Whatever it is, it is worth investigating the possibility of counselling further. Counselling can be helpful both for your immediate distress and for your longer term contentment. It is a process by which, with another human being alongside you, you can explore your feelings, be guided to understand yourself better, to understand more thoroughly why you are distressed at the moment and to discover what the origins of your distress may be. You may work further with your therapist to find a new perspective on life and to find a way of living more effectively.
When the going gets tough ... As you might imagine, this is not a quick fix, every individual is different and the time it takes for you to reach a better place will vary from that of others. You will be free to stop the work at any time you choose, though it is important to be aware that when the going gets tough, and it will, that is not a good time to leave. In fact, it is at such times that the most important changes can take place.

An investment for life

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Working with a private, well trained and experienced counsellor does involve cost, but it may be helpful to think of this as an investment in your future life and relationships, because that is just what it can be.